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408 c3 headed sbf and 300 shot... i'm guessing is good for 900 to 950 hp as it sits... but i need so much more. i need to get to 1200-1500 hp and i'll need a way to manage the horsepower on small tires.. i'm thinking grid/davis as thats what the big tire no prep car has in it.. i'm familiar with it already and should be quick to learn..

thinking just adding a pro race fogger and maybe an sv1 carb to what i have and throw in one of my old converters from the big tire car...

use the plate for first kit.. bring on the fogger on down the street...

on a TRUE street i do well with what i have... but on a track or street thats been prepped and maybe all concrete, i need to get after it and go faster... that means i need to take both converters with me.. tight and the loose one i'm running now.

anyone else spraying whats equivalent to a 700 to 800 shot on a 408?
can it be done? how long will the stock 2 bolt cleveland block last?

i drank too much coffee today... 4am came early...
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I would rig up the progressive system to hit off of a switch that you can operate while going down track. Maybe on the steering wheel. I would have it ease the power in gently when you hit that switch. Big changes in power or spikes in cylinder pressure are what will send that block to heaven. Still I think you are going to have trouble.
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