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408 c3 headed sbf and 300 shot... i'm guessing is good for 900 to 950 hp as it sits... but i need so much more. i need to get to 1200-1500 hp and i'll need a way to manage the horsepower on small tires.. i'm thinking grid/davis as thats what the big tire no prep car has in it.. i'm familiar with it already and should be quick to learn..

thinking just adding a pro race fogger and maybe an sv1 carb to what i have and throw in one of my old converters from the big tire car...

use the plate for first kit.. bring on the fogger on down the street...

on a TRUE street i do well with what i have... but on a track or street thats been prepped and maybe all concrete, i need to get after it and go faster... that means i need to take both converters with me.. tight and the loose one i'm running now.

anyone else spraying whats equivalent to a 700 to 800 shot on a 408?
can it be done? how long will the stock 2 bolt cleveland block last?

i drank too much coffee today... 4am came early...
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I have no advice to give with my level of intelligence, or lack there of. But I want to watch the video of an 800hp shot of sauce on an SBF.

May want to consider boost at this point?
def lack of intelligence........ stupidest thing i've done since timebomb...
i have a video i posted of the car on a 300 progressive shot.. that thread is moved to the lounge.. was pretty lazy but that was a no prep surface and really slick.. delayed .5 seconds from launch.. started at 10% and rolled it in over like 2 or 3 seconds... cant remember what the setup was... will have to go back and look at the log..
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this thread may help:

Need more! Must decimate all at race wars...
Are you against a different power adder? Twins seem like an obvious choice with power goal. All the low end torque, the ability to do boost by time or gear or whatever you choose to do in order to maintain traction.
not against it... time is what i dont have...

just frustrated... not so much caffeine in me this morning... that and waiting on a phone call that in reality probably wont come... so ehhhhhhh emotional rollercoaster owning a race car .......
I would just send ed a blank check and let him deliver.

But keep his home address just in case you need to share it with rocko and guido.

Thats what im doing.
i dont think ed wants to come on board a ship thats this freaking shipwrecked... IF HE DOES... and wants to come on board with the small tire and big tire program, i'm more than HAPPY to start the process...

i'm an idiot.. ed and i both know this.. and logically the ONLY thing he has to gain from a partnership with my team is, just to say he done it.. i'm not on any big list.... not on tv... and my recent win record the past 2 or 3 years isnt good..

i have one day off in the next 2 weeks... and have to get the small tire car ready with a converter and gear swap.. all while jetting up the nitrous kit to full throttle.. Small tire race if February the 11th.. and I need to make rounds!!!!! i'll be testing the fri night before on my favorite street... its hard to do this when you have 2 jobs and a family....
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ehhhh update if this is considered one... i am going to leave it as is with the 300 shot.. and be conservative. I did get an invite to do some cool outlaw stuff but not the invite i wanted. Basically I was told to go on their schedule... follow them around... and if something happened to one of the regulars I may get lucky and get to be a part of the 'team' for a little while.... eh kinda cool that they are offering to help me get into all these invitational races... but basically want me to take a back seat... anyone who knows me KNOWS i'm not a back seat type of fellow.. i dont like being someones 2nd or 3rd choice... i told my crew this last night and they wanted to know what i decided... told them that what we gonna do is concentrate ONE round at a time and get as many round wins as possible.. i honestly think that we may even luck up and win a race a time or 2 without being on the 'team'

so if anyone semi close to Louisiana, there is a race coming up in a few months called battle in the swampland.. since we got the invite, we gonna go and show out... probably put the fresh bullet in the corvette a week or 2 before and lean on the tuneup... as far as any more invitational races.. we shall see what the future holds.. i may go.. i may not..

so for now.. leave the shot as is.. use the progressive controller to dial in to the track... and have fun.. guarantee a conservative tuneup will eventually win a few rounds. and probably let the cleveland block live a little longer..
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Got the go-ahead for the builders brawl in may... anyone else wanna go?
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