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got a 98 GT with 4v swap (4.6) changing the whole setup on the car and going to a turbo but what i need help with is choosing a hot side and finding the turbo (where to buy,part number ect)

i been looking at the MMR hotside since thats about the only one that i can find info on... i plan on buying the setup piece by piece due to money (lack of) does anyone have any other suggestions on hot side or any thoughts on the MMR one? its 1400 for the hotside

Turbo specs that i figure i use
T4 flange
76MM .96 AR
maybe 78mm
not sure what wastegate yet or BOV (i want it loud though) any recommends?

can anyone help with part numbers for a good turbo and where to buy?
the car will be a weekend warrior but still streetable, only driven fri thru sun
also will see track time, goals of 10.5 or faster

any info would be useful and appreciated
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