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OK - I orginially wanted to race in the MAC Products 4V NA class because I had some mods planned that would get me into the low to mid 12's . . . . however, they have fallen through!!

What is the C&L Performance Radial class all about?? I mean by Radial does that mean only street tires or do Drag Radials count?? If DR's are OK then my next question is do ET Streets count as DR's or not?? Would this be a good Head's Up class to run if I am running high 12's??

Last but not least if I can't or shouldn't race either of the above classes I was thinking about just doing the bracket class!! Now just like the C&L Performance Radial class it says 28.6" x 10.6" . . . . . is that the CONTACT PATCH?? I mean because my ET Streets are 26.0 x 11.5 x 15 - are they allowed??

Anyway, if anyone can give me some good information on this that would be great!! I AM going to the Modular Shootout but want to have a for sure on what class to race so I can preregister!!

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