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Howdy :) I'm looking to fix/upgrade my suspension system. Right now, I have a 42K mile 1994 Cobra with, from what I'm aware of (pretty sure), stock suspension. I'm needing to totally redo most all of it. I was a total idiot, and road-raced a friend in a z-28 on a street. We ran to at least 120 mph (I beat him by the way, it was a 1995) :)

In racing him like a dumbarse, I trashed my suspension. We raced down a road to 120 MPH or so. The problem came in at the end of this stretch of road.....there was a railroad track. He stopped, I ran over it as if it weren't there. I ramped my car a good 8 feet in the air, and a good 40 feet out. The bottom of my car paid for it big time (my X-pipe is scuffed well!!) Other than my X-pipe being scuffed, I don't see any damage, but I can't image that my suspension, at ANY of it's mounting points, is in any kind of good shape right now...

I had a Ford dealership check it out right after this "incedent", and they found nothing. I thought that strange, given that I "know" cars aren't meant to be flight-tested such as this...

I'm wondering, I'm ready to redo my suspension now for street driving, road racing, and drag racing. I know those things are generally mutually exclusive when in competition, but I want a set-up that will be decent in all (targeted toward street, as it's a daily driver.)

What kind of stuff should I do to my suspension to get me into a good street/strip set-up, that's more than capable if I were to hit the yearly road course as well? She's a daily driver #1, drag #2, all else #3?

I'm not afraid to hear a total change of bushings, but which to change to? And I'm ready to change springs/shocks/struts, but which way do I go? I know coil-overs rock for road racing, but what about for a street car that sees 8 drag races a year?

I appreciate ya'lls help :) And BENW, pipe up bud, what do ya think?

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