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I have an MSD dizzy and the plug has 6 wires in it....they are as follows;

1.....PIP.....which I have hooked to the Grey/White Crank Input #2 of the MT Unit

2.....SPOUT...which I have hooked to the Blue/Grey Output #0 of the MT unit

3.....Start....which I have hooked to the Pink Coil wire coming from fuse block

4......Run.....which is not hooked to anything

5.....Coil....which is hooked to the White wire coming from the HI-6 Ignition box

6.....IGN GI......which is hooked to Ground

Does this sound right to any of you FORD/MT Experts???? Should the RUN wire not be used?????
I am wondering if #4 should be hooked up, and if #3 and #5 should be reversed?

1.-What harness are you running /using (Stock ford - Kwik, Ford Racing Etc )
2.- what computer A9L, A9M -- X3mu >?
3. list connections to car and where they go
4.are you running a check engine light<>?
5. How is your fuel pump being run >?
6. When you turn on the ACC (pre-start) do you see the CL and hear the fuel pump prime >?
Ok, I will try and intelligently answer (LOL) your questions;

1. Kwik wire 14 circuit

2. MicroTech LT-10

3. I have a Crane HI-6 ignition and black from it go to coil, Large red to battery, black to ground, small red to 12v and white to the coil connection on the distributor. The PIP on the dist is going to crank input from the MT-10, the spout on the dist is going to Ign. output from the MT-10, the start on the dist is going to the coil wire from the fuse box, the run on the dist is not connected, the coil on the dist is going to the white (trigger) wire of the HI-6, and the IGN GR on the dist is going to ground.

4. No check engine light.

5. Fuel pump is run by LT-10.

6. Not sure what CL is and yes to hearing the pump run.

The MSD distributor if it is for an 86-93 5.0 calibration will run with the MSD BOX disconnected from the system, and the regular coil wires hooked to the coil.
Not sure exactly what you mean by this statement??

I know just enough to get me in trouble.....LOL

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Yeah, I tried the MSD folks and they gave me a test sheet for the module on the Dizzy but it still does not answer the two questions I have.......

Are #3 and # 5 wires reversed and should #4 wire be connected to something.....nobody has given me a straight answer on these two questions.....
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