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Need help understanding something

Hi all,

A friend of mine with a 99 mustang GT has left the country and asked me to sell his car for him. Before he left, he came out of a corner too hot and the rear end started to step out. As the car began to rotate, the passenger rear wheel smacked the curb. I wasn't in the car at the time so I'm just going by what he told me.

I had the car towed to the mechanic to get it fixed and hopefully sold. I didn't have a chance to remove the wheel to get a look at the damage. Anyway, the mechanic called to give me an update. Both the upper and lower control arms are shot, the axle is bent and the driveshaft may be bent. I expected all this as my friend told me he hit the curb pretty hard. The one thing that I couldn't visualize is when the mechanic told me that if the 'endplate' of the rear axle housing is bent, I would need to get a new axle housing. I'm assuming the endplate is what the rear brake caliper mounts to and perhaps other suspension components as well. The mechanic said that if the endplate is bent, it is best to get a new axle housing since it is not possible to bend it back accurately and align the wheels properly.

So my question is, does anyone have a detailed picture of how the suspension of the 1999 GT operates, maybe something out of a repair manual, so I can better visualize what the mechanic is talking about?

Also, if I have to get a new axle housing, am I limited to a 1999 GT or was the same part used on other models and other model years?

Thanks for the help
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