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Need Foxbody Convt Roller

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Im looking for a convt roller that is in great shape just needs a motor or trans. PM and send pics to [email protected] if you have one for sale. Local perferred. Thanks, Dave
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how much you lookin to spend......i got an 88gt droptop...with motor and tranny but will pull
I did a search on here. Cant find your ad for pics and info?
in about 6 months this will be a roller...not sure how fast you need one (im going to put everything in a coupe)
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i have an 87 vert roller with a full cage in it.

NOSSTANG90 let me know when and how much. may i will wait
NOSSTANG90 let me know when and how much. may i will wait
ok...itll be just stock tires/wheel set up....its mini tubbed but will have a stock rear suspension under it and back to 4 lug......not sure on price....but the top it almost new and its pear white,and the body,hood everything other than the go fast stuff will be the same....Ill post it up when Im done with exact details and pics
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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