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I have compiled my parts. Ported E7's with new hardware, GT40 upper and lower with 65mmTB, 190lb pump, Kirban reg, 1/2 intake spacer, and 1.7 roller rockers. QUESTION!!! I have an E303 that I can get from my friend that he just pulled but I still have the Speed Density set-up. I wanted to see how fast I could go with the SD setup, stock inj, and cam etc. I have read good and bad about the E303. Alternative Auto stated little benefit, MM&FF had an article that it improved 16hp and 7ft lbs tq over stocker. Factory stock cars with .444 lift cams running low 12's N/A etc etc...... IS THIS CAM WORTH THE EFFORT AND ADDED EXPENSE TO CONVERT TO MASS AIR??? I have the philosophy I would rather dump the $ from the conversion kit into THE BOTTLE.
Want honest opinions from those who have made the swap. Plan on pulling the motor after the WFC St. Ls. Know that the stocker will have an equivalent tq figure but a bit less hp at 5-5500 rpm. Liked the idle but could care less for the SOUND!
Really, just have friends figuring its right there ( when its pulled) but I am working on a tight budget. 80K on stock lifters etc.
Sorry for the long thread---- JUST WANT TO DO THIS RIGHT!!

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You'll gain much more improvement in ET for your $$ by going for the "freeze" vs. the cam and mass air.

Unless you get a larger meter the swap to mass air will actually cost you a few horsepower. And with your combo, 15 hp is probably a good estimate of the increase the E cam will yield.

So you have to weigh the value of having the nice idle sound the E cam provides. If you don't really care, you know what to do...

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