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I'm building a backup motor for when I break my current one. I have a block and crank, I'm about to order pistons and rods.

I want to fit a reasonably long rod but I dont know how short of a pin height I can get away with.

This is for a 357" motor (4.040 bore, 3.48" stroke) with a 9.5" deck block. I need 35cc of dish in the piston. I've typically run 15-17 PSI (all the r-trim would do), but I've switched to a j-trim so I may run more. This engine will see a decent amount of street duty. Iexpect to pull it apart after 5-10k miles if it lives that long (none of my engines have so far so that would be a pleasant surprise :)).

My questions are:

How high should the ring pack be (with regards to heat)
How short can I make the pin height
Any other piston advice?

It seems everybody is talking about ultra light weight pistons. Obviously I cant have an ultra light piston with a blower combo, but can I get away with a medium weight piston rather than a blower piston?



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Forced induction your waisting time and money worrying about a "long" rod. THe couple thousands of an inch difference arent going to net you a thing. Pushing the ring pack together will only weaken the lands and perhaps lead to land failure... ruining piston and potentially the block.

Instead of worrying about rod length, I would ensure I spec a forced induction/power adder piston. Get a thick top ring land, and then a normal ring stack. Get a stock pin height and use the rod required to fit the piston.
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