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This weekend I'm selling a Chevrolet S-10 pickup that I inherited from my grandfather. I am getting close to $3,000 for it, but about $1,000 of that has to go towards my college tuition and other expences. Anyways, that leaves me with about $2,000 to spend on modifying the mustang. Here's what I plan to do so far:

Rebuild differential and replace axle seals ~ $300

Bullitt Suspension ~ $400 (installing myself)

Steeda Caster-camber plates ~ $170

Cobra Brake Kit w/ SS Hoses and Cross-drilled and Slotted Rotors ~ $400 (installing myself)

Edge Racing 3600 RPM stall converter ~ $530 plus installation

That should add up to $2,000. I'm not looking for major horsepower, I just want to make the car more fun and presentable. I think I'll be satisfied once I'm in the low 13's.
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