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Guys what would you do... I'm Torn here. What would you all do

Trade/sell my cars.. and get one of these and a cheap beater. Or keep what I got.

I'm actualy looking at two cars


1969 Mach 1 351
-Trick Flow heads
-Lowered 3"
-Full suspension
-AOD Tranny
-Black EXT/INT
-VERY VERY Clean car
OH MY GOD YOU SHOULD HEAR this car run. I dont know whats better the HUGE CAM or the BLOWER WHINING, Either way I about messed myself.

1970 BOSS 302
-Grabber Blue
-Black int
-Shaker Hood scoop car
-Mag 500's
-Very clean not perfect

I know that they will never be the fastest thing out their...but the feeling when you ride around in old 70's car is just unreal. Every time you look out onto the road, and past the yellow light the head lights put on the ground. you just have to wonder what it was like to drive them new. Over the same roads. THinking that the car was top of the class cream of the crop.
When you look in the rear view mirror of your honda... and you see the scoop, front air spliter, and the the lights of a 70 Mustang running down on you, on the highway. You just want to put on your signal to get out of the way.
To anyone that has drove/rode in a old MACH or BOSS. DOn't you just love looking out the rear window...that is like a lil slit when you are in the car, cause the fast back is at such a wicked angle.

I'm just the kinda guy that when I get the chance to drive cars like that, I'm in a daze. It makes me feel like it's 1970 again. Everything just feels diffrent when you grip the woos steering wheel and have the mushy fork style clutch pedal. The Hurst "short" throw shifter. They dont' really handle well, they arent' blazing fast. But never the less everyone weither they are 14 years old, or 40 years old, white or black... you just gotta appreciate a clean old car.

Thats why I'm thinking about the trade... and then selling my MOD FOX> I know it's not even done.. and it's my baby.. and I have ever single part for the swap. I'm just in a mood you know.

Maybe it will pass. But something never will is the fact that I have a pair of Fuzzy dice in everyone of my stangs, since I was 15. One day they will be in a Grabber blue, or Aqua BOSS 302!!!! Mark my words.

Erik Andre
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