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I finally got some time to work on it. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're trying to keep your mind off something else.
I ran the new fuel lines and put the fittings on them. I need to get the lines from the rails to the reg though. Only the return lines. The long one to the tank is on and ready to go. I also need a 2 foot section of -10 from the sump to the filter. Relays will be aquired tomarrow and the pumps will be wired in hopefully tomarrow evening. I also finished the battery relocation. The wires are all run to the hatch and the F/R switch is working great. I'll put the pump relays in the spare tire well with the switch and battery and cover it up with my nicely cut carpet.

For those who don't know, I purchased the X2C Motorsports fuel system for my car with their optional sumped tank. It comes with 2 inline pumps and everything you need to get going.......sorta.
If you order the kit, ask for 90*s at the back of the rails and see if they'll give 2 more feet of -10 and 5 more feet of -6 line. I ran them in a short path but still came up short. They give you straight ends for the rails and it kinks the line because of the bend. Not enough room from the rail to the firewall. Everything else is perfect.

I have some questions about the pump power. Seems logical enough but I want to make sure. Can I give the +12 power to the relays from the battery side of the cutoff switch? It'll cut power if the switch is off. I plan on the trigger wire to be the old power wire from the stock pump so I can keep the inertia switch and EEC in the loop.....For now. What fuse should I go with for the pump power or should I fuse them at all? As of now, they'll run full voltage all the time but a pump controller is first on the list.
Is there a breaker I can put in the + wire from the battery to the switch? I like the security of something there to break the line if I get a short. It would obviously have to handle starting amperage.

I'll have updated pics on my page soon.

Thanks for any help.
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