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My bachelor party this Thursday night

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If any of my internet Stang buddies want to come it starts at
Hooters on Highpoint Rd in Greensboro around 7
Its 8-10 of from Va gona come down
Then we are gona go to Christy's for some Topless action
This is an all guy event!!!
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Well I don't think I'll make it but have a great time and congrats!

Man am I getting old. I can't think of some BS to tell my wife so I can go. :lol: :lol:
Hey John, you're gonna miss some naked wings!!:eek:
Come on Todd, help me out here. What BS would you tell your wife?? I've got an idea, lets both go to a club meeting!!!! :joy: :joy:
LOL guys its Thurday night
Piedmont has drags on Thursday nights sometimes the BigDog shootout
Thats why I done it that night BUT Christy knows what Im doing
I just thought if my Buds with ladies in there life needed something to tell them
last week to live a free man :evil:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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