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my 2006 mustang jerks in the first 2 min. after start

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My mustang is a 2006 4.0 v6, with 120k miles on it. It has aftermarket emission pipes (don't know what brand). Just changed oil and filter. It jerks when accelerate, which only happens in the first 2-3 minutes after start. It becomes OK after it's warmed up. The only problem is that I have to drive very slow for a couple of minutes to let it warm up, and there's no other complains. What I am worry about is if this is a symphony of some problem that will become worse.

Anyone have any ideas?
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I have a 2006 gt that does the same thing on cold starts. I usually just romp on it quickly and it stops.
Sounds like the engine runs lean until it's warmed up enough for the ECU to go into closed loop mode with feedback from the O2 sensors.
I suggest you have the ECU scanned for codes. You could have a problem with either the ECT or ACT sensor.
I had this issue with my 06 Gt. I cleaned my TB and it solved the issue. Oddly enough, our cars are pretty sensitive with TB cleanliness...
Is the car a manual or automatic?
If automatic, if you have not had the trans fluid/filter changed, do it!

Otherwise, as mentioned, cleaning the throttle body is always a good thing to do; but those usually cause the engine light to come on when there are issues.

I would otherwise check/change the spark plugs, as they can make the car run like that. If the plugs have not been changed or it has been a long time, change them! I had this symptom on my V6 and it was due to worn plugs on the driver side.
You could try adding a bottle of fuel system treatment (STP is good stuff) to your next tank of gas. It'll unclog the injectors and make the engine run smoother.
Clean the throttle body very well. Should clear it right up.
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