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My 1995 GT project

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What started out as my first Mustang [2006] has turned into one hell of a learning experience. I have made mistakes with my engine combo, double [hell, triple] spent on certain items, and even re-purposed the entire project three times. When the original 5.0 developed a rod knock [2008], we replaced it with a simple 306 [2009] in with ported heads and an explorer intake that made 243/298. It served me well for about six months when it lost oil pressure and I parked it. After some decision making, I had a 410w built and thats when things got frusterating. The project sat idle for a few years [2009-2012] and work was only sporadic at best. The paint fell off, parts were stolen, finally got it running [2013] but discovered the valve springs were too soft. That led to the already junk heads being CNC ported, correct valve springs installed, a new intake, and long tube headers being installed. [2014] Along the way, I had even started collecting parts for an IRS swap but then sold the IRS swap for a watts link [2015] and now I'm going with a PHB/HD torque arm combo from Maximum Motorsports. [2016] Wrecked my daily driver '98 GT, sold the 410w and bought a rebuilt 4.6 4V from a wrecked 98 Cobra. The original intent was to make three cars into one. Then I discovered the 4v had a couple of burnt valves and a blown head gasket. Crap. So, I just bought a 2015 F150 for a daily driver. [2017] Collected parts, stripped the '95 to the shell and completely rewired it to '98 specs. [2018] Built the engine with a metric #### ton of help from @lwarrior1016 and have spent the rest of the year "finishing it" but have yet to fire it up.[2019] Finally found the time to get the car squared away. Got it running and finished most every subsystem. [2020] Sold the 4V :ROFLMAO: Swapped in a Coyote and I’m working towards getting it running. [2021] Had it on the dyno and it made 419/393 with the timing flat lining at 22°. Also turned out we had missed a step during the timing process and the RH bank was way off. Also, in the cam controller, i had dip switches in the wrong position and she was running on Gen 1 cam tables. About a month later the block cracked in a hard freeze (16° F) which was not expected in south Louisiana. Spent a few months collecting parts and built a new, 12.5:1 engine with L&M intake cams. She’s rowdy now and has antifreeze flowing through her veins.

Direction? None... Well, I had initially wanted it to stay my daily driver with some 1320 duty. That mindset then started to sway more towards show/street/strip but now I've decided to just keep spinning wrenches and forget titles.

List of installed and pending mods:

2017 F150 5.0 (Gen 2)

  • JE pistons (12.5:1 compression)
  • 2018 Mustang GT intake (ported)
  • FAST 87MM throttle body
  • Lokar throttle cable
  • L&M intake camshafts
  • Gen 2 Mustang exhaust camshafts
  • ARP cam tower bolts
  • ARP cam phaser bolts
  • ARP harmonic balancer bolt
  • MMR tensioner chain flip bracket
  • Mustang timing cover
  • PBH AC compressor bracket
  • IW harmonic balancer
  • S550 200A alternator
  • S550 oil filter adaptor
  • MMR rear coolant crossover
  • Boundary Billet oil pump gears
  • Boundary Billet crank gear
  • MMR piston cooling jet delete
  • Holley HP EFI standalone
  • Holley TiVCT controller

Flex Fuel system

  • Aeromotive AFPR
  • QFS 340 pump in Pro-M hanger
  • 6AN feed/return PTFE stainless braided fuel lines
  • 10 micron filter
  • 47# injectors
  • Continental Flex fuel sensor
  • Powerhouse Racing billet flow through adapter


  • BBK 1 3/4" long tube headers
  • BBK X-pipe 3”
  • Dynomax UltraFlo mufflers 2.5”
  • Flowmaster Foxbody LX tail pipes


T56 Magnum
  • QuickTime bellhousing
  • Exedy Twin Disc clutch
  • Stiffler's T56 crossmember
  • Driveshaft Shop aluminum shaft

8.8 rear

  • Eaton Truetrac
  • Yukon 31 spline axles
  • Strange C-Clip eliminators
  • 4.10 gears
  • LPW Ultimate differential cover


  • Maximum Motorsports K member
  • 94/95 Cobra front sway bar
  • MM sway bar relocation
  • MM sway bar bushings
  • MM lowered end links
  • MM forward offset control arms
  • MM caster/camber plates
  • MM MM3 struts (race)
  • MM RA2 shocks (sport)
  • MM coil overs (425/325)
  • MM subframe connectors
  • MM road race control arms
  • MM rear adjustable sway bar
  • MM panhard bar
  • MM heavy duty torque arm
  • MM Race shock mounts

Brakes, wheels and tires:

  • 18x9/18x10 Forgestar F14
  • 275/35/18 Federal 595 RS-Pro
  • Brembo 44/40 calipers (Gen 2 Viper) with Autology brackets
  • 14” GT500 rotors
  • Powerstop red powder coated rear calipers
  • 13” Baer Eradispeed +1 rear rotor kit
  • Powerstop Trackday pads
  • Stiffler’s stainless brake hoses
  • Fine Lines stainless brake lines
  • ABS delete block


  • 1998 GT interior (RIP Space Ghost)
  • Mach 1 door panels
  • 99-04 Console
  • dual USB charging port
  • 2000 Cobra R style shift knob
  • leather wrapped Momo Corse steering wheel
  • NRG short hub
  • NRG gen 2 quick release
  • Corbeau Forza Sport drivers seat for autocross days
  • Black 2005 GT seats for street use
  • billet Unicorn head light knob
  • rear seat delete
  • Holley 7" digital dash
  • Holley LED shift light
  • Holley GPS
  • Steinmann Performance cluster
  • dual gauge panel with dual USB connections for Holley ECU/Dash
  • Autometer Cobalt programmable fuel gauge
  • Innovate DLG-1 wideband gauge
  • Alpine CD player
  • Boston Acoustic 6x9’s (doors)
  • Rockford Fosgate 6x8’s (deck)


  • 1997 Cobra hood
  • Aerocatch hood latches
  • vertical, export tail lights
  • Madd Retros projector headlights
  • 4300k HIDs (meh)
  • Cobra front bumper or Saleen front bumper
  • Carbon Fiber T1 wing
  • _slib's flared Carbon fiber fenders


  • Volvo electric power steering pump
  • Converted to hydroboost brakes
  • Converted power steering hoses to AN hoses
  • 2000 Cobra R steering rack
  • C6 fan controller
  • Champion 3 core radiator

Parts pending installation:

  • Cortex Watts link
  • MM roll bar
  • SLP exhaust tips

Thanks for reading, there is much more to come - Josef

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Looking good. Love the Coyote swap and fender work! Did you swap to the 96+ spindles? That definitely added to my front wheel offsets. This is the first I have seen of these carbon fenders. I am 100% buying those if they are available from @_slib!
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I am curious on this. Is this an original Saleen bumper that you trimmed the lip off of? How did you get it to fasten up? Drill through the fender and use the backing plate and two bolts?
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