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Sorry, this will be long and it's my first advice post. But I'm pulling my hair out on this one.

A year and a half ago My daughter and I purchased a 88 GT manual convertible for a daughter/father project. This will be her "High School" driver for nice weather. To the best of my knowledge, the car was flooded down in FL and parked in 91. I was only looking for a clean shell, so this was not a problem. Entire car was stripped down to it's shell, replacement engine and chassis harness was installed. New engine, trans etc.. was installed, everything worked perfect. Put 20 miles on it, everything was great.

Went to go start it to move it out of the garage and it wouldn't start. Fuel pump stayed on and lost injector pulse. Read dozens of posts and everything lead to the PCM. I did convert it to MAF, so I installed the Speed Density PCM to verify the fuel pump shut off after the initial 2 sec prime. It did. (never tried to start it)

Disassembled the PCM (A9P) and found the usual caps leaking, replaced those and still had the same problem. After going through all of the diagnostic charts/posts, I figured it was the PCM. I read about all of the AutoZone/Advance/O'Riley replacement PCMs and I think I found the last left in stock. I ordered a Cardone replacement through AutoZone. (A9L Replacement) What showed up was a A9P replacement with CA emissions. Not a big deal since I already had a auto PCM in the car. Installed it and I did get a few pops, but it wouldn't start. Fuel pump relay turns on and off as it should, but now the AC relay turns on and off probably 100 times per second.

After looking at the differences in the PCMs, I'm thinking I got a bad one. The vehicle has the proper modifications for the MAF conversion, proper O2 harness and all of the inputs to the PCM are correct.

Am I missing something here? Before I spring for a old A9L (pricey) that came from a known running car, I just want to know if I checked everything.

Thank you, Justin
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