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Just had to $hitcan the flowmasters.

The driver's side one had a hole the size of a quarter in it.

Went up to see Dan at Pacifica, and got one of their "Mac Flow" cat backs. Real nice installation, fit like a glove. Was a little worried about that, as a couple of friends have the same kit, and it hits body parts. Sledge hammer took care of those. Not too sure of the sound though. Kinda rhaspy when on throttle, nice tone cruising. The flows weren't as rhaspy. Anyway, it still sounds better than what it did running up there. Feels like I gained a little power too, maybe from a little more back pressure.

All in all, I'll give the kit a 10 for fit and finish (at least on mine), an 8 for sound, and a 10 for the price and ease of installation. Everything bolts together with flanges, much like between the stock H and stock cat-back.

Only real complaint is had to get rid of the stainless tips.

:) :joy:
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