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These are some parts i have for sale. Make offers soon, because there are already alot of people asking about them. I dont have any pictures yet. Hopefully i can use my friends digital to get them up here. Please dont pm me, having trouble with pm box. Any offers or questions please email me at [email protected].

Borla (steeda) air vented side exhaust
tial blowoff valve (chrome)
30lb injectors
80mm mass air meter
steeda ecu (supercharged calibrated)
bassani offroad x pipe

Im also welcome to trades. Any parts u have for a 01 cobra please tell me. These are some things I need.

main engine bearings
stock cobra meter
stock cobra inlet tube or aftermarket cold air intake
arp head studs
arp main studs
longtube headers or mid lengths
shorty x or h pipe
mil extenders
dohc gasket kit
saleen body kit
center exhaust
55lb injectors
cobra-paxton brakets
cobra-paxton inlet tube
kenne bell boost a pump
windage tray
upr or aftermarket k member
valve springs
dohc blower cams

Pretty much anything u got, I want it. Trades are welcome, please remember to email me at [email protected] with offers, trades, or quesitons.
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