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Modular Engine Machine Shops in North Jersey

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I'm looking into getting my engine built, but the cost of machine work I've been quoted so far has been higher than I thought it would be. I'm getting quoted $1,800 - $2,000 to get a Teskid bored 0.020" over, line hone for ARP studs, rotating assembly balance, and shortblock assemble. The rings are already gapped and installed. Does that seem right? Does anyone have any recommendations in NJ or surrounding areas?
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Look up Bamman, he's near Cream Ridge. Building these things isn't cheap. You could just get it bored and honed and then do all the assembly yourself. Putting together a shortblock on an engine stand is easy.
I'm not opposed to doing the work myself, I just don't have a clean enough environment. I have one garage that's packed with so much **** that it makes it difficult. I'll look into them, thank you.
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