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Modified Fuel Rails for a 99+GT , for a wet kit. & 19#'ers

I sold my nitrous kit and have my fuel rails that I tapped for the NX wet kit I had. It was tapped with a 1/8 27pt fitting and it does not leak, it is sealed with liquid teflon. Worked great for when I had the n20. I squeezed out a 12.8 @ 113 with just a 100 shot!

Fuel Rails From an 2002 Mustang GT modified for output to a fuel Soleniod for a wet Kit.

100 dollars OBO as is. I offer no warranty. They worked fine for me, but please make sure you know what you are doing when putting these on or make sure you have a person with some experience put these on for you.

These are some spare injectors I had got with the rail when I bought it. They are used, but I never used them. They look in great condition and it was nice to have a spare set lying around when I had the wet kit, just in case I had one go out on me. I was very lucky and never had a problem with my wet kit.

19# Fuel Injectors From an 02 GT.

50 dollars OBO as is, I never used them , but they came out with in the 1st 1000 miles as the vehicle was upgraded to 42# injectors
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