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My car is cutting out and popping at about 4900-5000 rpm +.

I just put it back together, after I had taken off the MAF, TB, Intake, and valve covers to paint them. I also put brand new FMS 9mm blue wires on. While I had it apart, I found a vacuum leak, which had previously been causing a low rpm miss. I did not have this high rpm miss before this little project. Is there anything I could have done/left disconnected, when putting the parts back on, to cause this stupid problem?
I have had something similar to this happen before, and that was due to a spark plug wire falling off of the plug. I checked my wires, and they all seem to be connected properly.

I was only painting the parts, to make the car more presentable, because I plan on selling it in the next month or so. Now, I have this crap to deal with.:mad:

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