I’ve got a 2012 Boss 302 stock wiring harness pulled off of vehicle when I bought the engine pallet kit.

I’ve got a black center console piece with the ash tray door that works! No broken tabs. - 50

3.73 gears pulled out with 28 spline setup. -100

I’ve got 87-93 lx stock k member with a maximum motorsports brace I also have stock A arms as well. - 40 for both

87-93 mustang lx fuel tank has a 255lph pump forgot the brand i think walbro…-300

SVE starter in good condition -60

Out of a 2012 Boss 302 motor two stock intake cams x2 -300

Brand new SVE 3 core radiator it was installed and mounted but never ran as you can see in the picture the reservoir spout came off also the shop lost the piece…120

Stock 2012 Boss 302 oil pan -50

Stock 93 LX K-member with MM 4 point K Member brace -50

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