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Hello I recently got a 93 gt 5.0 gt40p heads gt40 intake and it has 30lb injectors also a pmas calibrated 30lb maf with a powerdyne 6lb supercharger running 6lbs of boost msd boost controller with retard knob to control boost timing Base timing is at 10....

Now I have it running ok but idle isnt great and its rich at idle and wot {not terrible but smells} I dont know if the computer is chipped or not.... I bought a MS pnp2 and plan to use speed density and get rid of the maf. It has a base tune on it now to start but I would like a base that is similar to mine that someone has already done and running good I can tweak from there for my needs. I use tunerstudio MSQ So if anyone could load there msq on here or show me where to look I would be appreciative!! I just dont want to run the base tune unless I have to also hate tuners and would rather do it myself its why I bought the MS.

Also do I continue to run the msd boost retard or disconnect that box from the msd ignition?

Thanks in advance people!
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