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Looking to get some suport from south of the boarder out this years its looking like some good pay out to be had in the JPC wild street
Sept 7,8,9 2012

A few new heads up classes this year.
11:50 true street legal heads up 11:50 index.
10:50 heads up index.
JPC Wild street heads up for cars faster than 10:50 index, this class seems like it will be the most fun.
More details at Mega Ford Weekend
Hope to see you guys out this year.

JPC Wild Street

All vehicles must meet NHRA Tech and safety requirements. All vehicles must have functioning lights/turn signals & brake lights. No tube chassis, back half or ladder bars permitted. No wheelie bars, mini wheel tubs only, stock type suspension only.

Tires: limited to a max of 10.5

Body: all cars must be door cars carbon fibre & fibreglass limited to hood and decklid only. Must retain factory glass / lexan permitted in side windows only. Doors must open from the outside & windows must be operational.

Interior: Must have functioning windows with finished doors. Must have two front seats or one bench seat, rear seat deletes o.k

Trans: Any oem automatic type. Gear change must be made by driver (no air shifters) Manual trans o.k Clutch automatic or planetary trans allowed in NA cars only.

Engine: Small block & Big Block permitted.

Power Adders: Dual power adders on small blocks only. (limited to supercharger/nitrous of T4 flange single turbo and nitrous) Boost controllers limited to turbo entries only. Twin Turbo's limited to 67mm, Single turbo's limited to LF 88mm. Big Blocks limited to single stage of Nitrous (250 shot max)

Permitted Fuel: Gasoline Only

Absolutely no Tow Backs allowed & all Bye Runs must be completed.
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