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Stock top end from 91gt. 90k miles, good condition. E7 heads, upper and lower intake, valve covers, throttle body, fuel injectors, and fuel rails. $100 pick up only!

91gt stock hood. Red and good condition. $70 pick up only!

91gt driver side door for a CONVERTIBLE...with glass window. Red and in good condition. $150 pick up only!

93gt 8.8 stock rear. 115k miles and good condition. 3:27 gears. $175 pick up only!

AOD valve body. Stock with low miles. $70 pick up only

AOD stock transmission. Would not shift. 90k. $100 pick up only!

Brand New Aeromotive 13204 Bypass Regulator. I bought it over a year ago and never used it because I wound up buying a carb fuel pump. $125 shipped!

Spec stage 1 clutch for T5. From my 93gt. Clutch has a little over 3k miles on it. Good condition. $100 pick up only!

Located in Bayville, NJ. I accept paypal. Prices are negotiable!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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