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Magnaflow Spun-Metallic Cats

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I am in the process of registering the cars back in CT and had to take the 95 to emissions. Last year, I put in the cats:

They say 50 state legal, but when you see the size of these things, it makes you wonder if they really work. Well, they do.

I changed the oil today, and went to emissions with a half a tank of 93 in there - nothing added like dry gas or anything. Also the tune is still an aggressive N/A tune done by SCT.

HC 31/60 ppm
CO 0.08%/0.32%
NOx 322/700 ppm

Not bad at all! The tech said everything went just as it should.
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I have those cats too, when I smogged it they seemed really impressed at how clean it ran.
Thanks for the feedback. Do you really have a 3" exhaust on your car or did you mean to provide the link the the 2.5" version?
There's lots of happy users of those and their Thunderbolt twins here, me included.
I'm going to order up!
Just placed my order for the 59956s... Hope these babies do the trick! It'll be great to be able to drive the car and not have to take a shower and wash my clothes afterwards! I'll actually be able to take it to work on a nice day perhaps :)
Make sure you post results up when you get them installed. I'm going to do the same thing as I fed up with the smell (and complaining wife!!!)as well. I'm thinking about getting some LT's as well since they have to cut my midpipe up for these anyway.
I certainly will post up my feedback / results Stangv894. I really can't wait to see what type of positive impact they make, plus, I won't have to cringe evertime I see a COP roll-up quickly on me as if he's about to pull me over. I can never tell if they are just trying to get a closer look at the car or if they are looking for something that they can use as an excuse to pull me over. I think it's usually both most of the time, but once they pull up along side and see that I'm "older" and "mature" they seem to just drive right by and leave me alone <--- knock on wood. At least if I do get pulled over with the cats, the chance that I can get whacked with some crazy fine for violating emissions protocols will be substantially reduced. <---- knock on wood again. Don't want to jinx myself. :)

I see that you are a member of the LMMC-CT, I am as well. I'm planning to attend the April 16th track rental day as well. Have you heard of it? It should be a good time!
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Yeah I'm planning on going. I haven't paid for it yet. I'm not sure if I'm going to run my car down the track yet or not. I've never done it before and I know I need a helmet. I've been looking at them and they are not cheap for a one time use. I need to make up my mind quick though.
Those little cats will do the trick for cutting down the stench.
Also the spun metallic cats will be alot better to get, especially if you don't run an air pump.
They cost more but are well worth it.
not really that much more when you think about it.... maybe $30 a cat and they flow better aswell
As earler posted you might want to check into the thunderbolt cat. I is of quality construction, work just as well and are a little cheaper than the magnaflow
FWIW I just had mine tested and passed on Arizona's required dyno test. Mods are in my sig, and the Magnaflow spun-metallic cats have 3 years and 23,000 miles on them.

My lovely cats took a hit today...

So, some A-hole in my town decided to leave a couple chunks of cement in the middle of the road right after a bend. I was having some fun with the car at the time and couldn't see them until I was literally over them. I gritted my teeth and hoped they would go under the car without hitting anything, especially the oil pan. Well, heard a huge chunk and stopped. Backed up and no oil so at least that was ok. My house was only a couple blocks away and there wasn't anything wrong until I poked my head under there.

The Magnaflow spun-metallic cat took the brunt of it. I have a couple pics question is, should I replace it right away? I just passed emissions so I am good for another 2 years, but should I even bother with it? There HAS to be some interior damage in there right? Just feeling real mad about it because I just got the car on the road a couple months ago from being down for a while.

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If it doesn't leak, I might not even bother replacing it. All you likely did was close some of the cells and reduce its flow a little.
I too added those to my carbed '85 a while back and fumes are better but heat's another issue. They put out alot of heat, so much so that my e-brake handle was hot to the touch after a ride back from work in slow moving rush hour, road construction traffic on a hot day. The cats seem hottest at idle. So, I added a heat shield (from a doner vehicle) above the cats and I'm waiting for another hot day to test that. Hopefully that'll solve my heat problem with those. Anyone else have similar heat related problems from adding cats?
I have the spun cats as well and am very happy with the reduced stench. I can't say as I notice any more heat with them but I am sure there is a bit more than before. For those on the it. Mine are only band clamped in for now but I may take it somewhere to have them welded up.
How much quieter are these than offroads. My offroad H-pipe is too loud and my BBK with high flow cats is too quiet. I want something in between. I love the sound of the offroad but it draws a little too much attention and also pops on decel. The BBK's rid the car from popping on decel, but it just doesn't sound like a hot rod anymore. I need some of that sound back, but I want a cop to see cats on it if it is ever checked. I have my stock H-pipe for the emissions testing. I would get the 2.5" versions.

I don't think they make too much difference in sound. If they quiet my exhaust down at all, I'm not aware of it.
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