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Hey guys have a 302 in a jeep yj with a Painless harness. Truck at first fired up good just surged a little. Here lately the longer it runs the less it wants to idle. I began checking codes the only codes it has is for the egr, canister purge, and thermactor. No other codes. I began to check sensor voltages, the tps, IAT, and ECT all were in spec. When I checked the MAF I had 12v, ground, now the signal return shows ground with the key off but as soon as I turn the key on it shows battery voltage as well as the signal wire. I checked both wires for continuity to the ecu and are fine. When the engine idles it shows battery voltage on the ecu signal wire. I am running a new BBK MAF calibrated for the 24lb Ford performance injectors. Could this be a bad ECU?

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