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I wrote this in another thread but decided to post it as it's own as well because I feel that Mac is getting a bad rap for being leaky exhausts.

I love my Mac Pro Chamber. Mac H's come in two pieces for a reason. Depending on what headers and gaskets you have on, your header outbound pipes might not line up exactly the same distance from each other. Having the H in two pieces allows you to line up the connections just right so there's no leaks. I had no problems with mine, but a buddy of mine did. Want to know why? Incorrect installation. Not totally his fault, there was no directions, but we loosened everything, started first my making sure that the header connections were an exact seal, then worked our way backwards tightening all the connections. That's the right way to do it. If you tighten the h-pipe itself together first, odds are your connections won't mate exactly and you'll have leaks like he did. Also, don't use the passenger side carbon fiber gasket that comes with the pipe. Just use the stock metal one that came with your car, it's more durable and reseals without any problems. I've also got 0 rust on mine so far, although it hasn't been through a winter yet. BTW, the Pro-chamber with Mac Catback is about the deepest combo you can find for an exhaust, possibly even more bass than Bassani. You know it's all good when you've got guys on Harleys giving you thumbs ups! Hope this little write-up helps.

Hopefully this will clear up some of the statements that Mac exhausts are leak-infested. You've always gotta remember, a part won't work right if it's not properly installed, and just because you take it somewhere to get installed doesn't mean they know what they're doing!

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