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ok the stangs deffinitly running like **** now

look at all the codes i got

11 10 34 96 21 40 44 90

10 ,40 and 90 should be from my balance test which i ran twice

i used a equis scanner so these should be correct

44 my thermactor injection is hooked up so i dont know why its not working
34 no idea what that is
96 i got a brand new 255lph tre performance pump and can hear it when ignition is switched on
21 might not have been warmed up but idk

so about the car
it has tfs170 heads tds1 cam street burner intake 24 pound injectors pro m calibrated maf all the bolt ons and full exhaust
about a month ago my block cracked so i got one with suppposivilly 30k miles on it and put all my performance parts on and droped it in and got it running a week ago running good idle was nice and drove real good

now its running horrible if i hold the rpms at 2k you can here it missifire it has 20-30% less power easyer to stall and it surges while idling

any ideas to get rid of these code would be appreciated
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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