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hello my name is oscar and im looking into doing 5,0 swap for my 1990 ranger. i have a 99 explorer limited.
i have done research on this but am still unsure. im planning on using the explorer as a donor. i will use the engine, transmission, rearend, and everything in between. for the most part the swap should bolt right up from what iv gathered.
if thats not the case please let me know what i dont.
one concern is the X is AWD. how can i by pass this or remove this option.
second i have a 91 5.0 HO engine and iv read that i can use the cam from the HO and use it in the explorers 5.0 engine. is it a plug and play type of deal or will i need to look into the firing order or other issues. next can i replace the X heads(99) with the HO heads(91)?
NOTE: sorry if i dont make sense i dont know much and im learning as i go.
like i said before if theres an issue i dont know about please let me know and thank you for your time.
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