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Looking for a shop to put a new engine in and tune it South Jersey

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The time has finally come I have the engine complete I need to find someone that can pull the old engine out put a new engine in and tune it I do have a Vortec anybody around the Trenton area or within an hour tops I used to use a guy down NEAR ATCO Craig rodowicz any help is appreciated. I'm more South Jersey
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Contact Fonse Performance. Located in Erial NJ, they machine, build and race at Atco. They also have a chassis dyno if needed. 856-627-5946.
Craigs a good guy. I uses to work for him. I know he was having issues with the shop. I haven't talk to him in a few months. I don't know if he moved or just closed up.
I don't know if you still need help but I'm going to go buy a tranny from these guys tomorrow: Blue Sky Performance Premier Auto Restoration Shop. I can't vouch for their work but they appear to work on foxbodies. If you are still looking, can't hurt to call them I guess. HTH.
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