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Looking for a clean, ready to roll completely built riot machine up to $15K budget

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I think I'm ready to roll on a Mustang and I'm looking for a turn key monster. I just don't have the time or the skill to build a car and I'm looking for someone who wants to move on to their next project. I'm specifically looking for

  • Manual cars only
  • Lots of attention paid to building the car right with supporting fuel systems, braided lines, brakes, built transmission, suspension
  • Clean interior - black is a bonus
  • No verts probably no notches though I do love a Saleen style notch
  • Doesn't need anything

My budget is up to $15,000 depending on build quality and power. I'm also interested in what other cars you have had built. I'm really not looking to inherit someone's problem, project car or 98% complete. I'm looking to hop in it, drive it home, enjoy it and give it the love and care it deserves. I'm a white collar guy, I would literally take this thing to an oil change franchise to change the oil. Take that in mind.

I'm probably going to finance about half or a third of the car, so salvage vehicles & cars that were not originally V8s are out. I will admit T-Tops give me a huge one :leghump: as well as any minitub cars. So if you have a T-Top car, let me know.

I'm in the midwest, but I'll drive or fly to checkout the right car.
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Mustang 1986

I may have a project car 90% complete. I have almost everything to complete project including a 650ehp 408w never fired. To much to list, I promise no junk. call 734-469-2683 or 734-637-6840 or email [email protected]
Sale pending
Sale pending
if you are still interested, my 1985 mustang daily driven, 10sec N/A car is FOR SALE. It has brand new engine in it... PM me if you are still interested
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