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Went to the track on friday and had a total of 6 races, it was a mustang nite so I lineup against 6 stangs. Well I went 6-0, so I'm happy, actually I was :joy: :joy: :joy:
Twice I lineup with a red 03 cobra vert, I beat him both times in reaction, 60 foot, 1/8 and 1/4. This guy was at least late 40's and had no idea how to drive his car, especially how to launch. his 2 runs were like this:
react. .786 .514
60ft 2.40 2.43
1/8 9.11 9.24
1/4 14.01 14.12
Mph 104 104

I was trapping 102's in the high thirteens, but even with his higher top speed, he didn't even manage to make it close.
It's drivers like him that are gving cobras a bad name.
Bout 2 weeks ago, i saw anther stock 03 cobra coupe, first time the guy was at the track, had a horrible launch 2.4's again, but he went all out after that and pulled a 13.38 @112, so 12's with a good launch is definately possible.
BTW, the guy wasn't disapointed with his times, he was all happy sipping on his coke.....:lol:
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