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12304 100 micron filter
12301 10 micron filter
A1000 fuel pump
15 gal fuel cell
Also has -8 and -10 fuel lines with all fitting

I have for sale a like new aeromotive fuel system has less than 100 miles on everything as only used for dyno testing. Moving in direction of more hp so this one is for sale. Feel free to contact and ask any questions

Fuel inj support
1300 naturally aspirated
1000 forced induction

Carb support
1200 naturally aspirated
1500 forced induction

$437 shipped without fuel cell
$500 with fuel cell and plus calculated shipping
All parts can also be picked up locally
Contact 6305818790
Pics will be updated in next day or so as it in -10 in Chicago currently


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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