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Hey guys. Quick question or two. I am pretty much finished putting my mustang back together to get ready for some track time. I recently deleted my evap system completely, and programmed it out of the tune in pro racer. I am getting heater codes for both upstream o2 sensors. I had a fire which cooked the harness for bank 2 sensor 1 (passenger side upstream sensor), and I recently rewired that part of the harness. The bank 1 sensor harness was unaffected. I am wondering if it is just a coincidence that both hegos have failed due to age. They are about 8 years old.

Anyone have an idea how long the sensors normally last? I run long tubes, and they get pretty hot obviously. I am pretty confident the sensor harness rewire is correct. I spent literally 20 hours trying to find the correct pin out. i checked the wiring many times before making the connections permanent. I have not pulled the connectors and tested for voltage yet.

help appreciated.

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