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I have a Lentech Strip Terminator transmission w/manual valve body and every option that he offers, including some that he doesn't, OD and his third first technology. I have a transmission case for a modular or a Windsor based motor as well as a flex plate shield, just tell me what motor you have and I will have Len assemble it in that case.

The transmission is currently on its way to Len at Lentech to be completely overhauled and made new again, it didn't have many miles on it but I want to make sure that it's 110% before I sell it to anyone. Then it will be shipped from him to the new owner.

The converter is a 9.5" steel stator that Len sells, it flashed to 3400 behind my twin 61mm 5.4 modular motor. This transmission has been [email protected] on a 275 radial tire in my 3800lb car. I would say that if you make under 1200wheel and are 3700lbs or less this transmission will last forever.

I would like to get $3500 for the whole package, it's going to cost me $995 to have Len go through the whole transmission, but like I said above I want to make sure its 100% ready to go.

I am open to offers but I don't need to sell it so I'm not going to give a $6000 transmission away.

Thank you,
[email protected]
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