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This winter I am changing the rear suspension on my 03 2v. Already removed steeda rear springs for oem bullitt springs and remove stock uppers that were torn, for baseline suspension relocated uppers (poly body side). Currently have steeda aluminum boxed lowers with polys and they been holding up well to abuse. Car is a stick, 3300lbs, bias ply DOT tire. After the spring swap, the rear sits higher but at least it got the angle out of the LCA. I was thinking of running relocation brackets for the lowers, but read it will drop the rear 1.5.” With the bullitt springs that will give me a 2.25” over stock drop. I think that’s a tad low for a street car especially with Illinois roads. My question is, anyone running, MAF Racing, or Trick Chasis, or BMR brackets and have you had more success with your 60ft’s? Or do I just get weight jacker style LCA’s?
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