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I don't feel comfortable putting my problems with a company on blast, especially on the web. But I don't know how else to get my word out to you guys about the problema that I am having with your company.

I've been playing phone tag with you guys for almost three weeks now. I ordered a set of upper and lower control arms and when I received them, they were pretty banged up, so I called you guys up took pictures, emailed them to you guys, heard back the next, had a brand new set sent out 2-3 days-took almost fives days. I opened up the new box of controls, and have one upper control that's all banged up like the others were. They've all been damaged in the same spots everytime. I called up to report the problem and can't get hold of anyone! I get put on hold and no one comes back to me...

I also order a radiator cover that came un-plastic wrapped, and no hardware. I had to return that piece as well due to being cosmetically damaged. But when i got the new radiator cover it was wrapped and came with hardware-which I don't understand how things are so different when theyre being shipped? The only part that I haven't had to return was my radiator hold down piece. That piece came unwrapped and no mounting hardware-is there suppose be hardware that comes with it? I personally wouldn't know because I can't get a hold of anyone at UPR.

I personally am not impressed what so ever with how anything as been approached. There's so many inconsistencies with services on every aspect. It makes me feel like I made a complete wrong decision to spend my time and money with UPR.
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