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Hello folks,

I recently created a cool little iPhone app that simulates a vehicle's lap times for a few different race tracks from around the world. It's free right now on the App Store. Give it a try and see if floats yer boat! :p

I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting this. It's just a free app I made out my own interests in racing and cars and physics. I'm an app developer who studied too much physics in university. :idunno:

Just punch in your car's performance specs and pick a track to run the simulation on. Leave your feedback and tell me what you think.

In a future update I might add some G-meter functionality right into the app to help measure your car's performance specs. I used to use Dynolicious but that doesn't seem to be working anymore for me. I might just have to create my own and share it with you guys. I'm just a one-man app developer who happens to have a thing for cars and racing.

Links to the app store with full description: Connecting to the iTunes Store.

Have any of you taken your 'Stangs to Laguna? If so you could post your cars performance specs and simulated lap time, and tell me how it compares to your real lap times. That would be really interesting.

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