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They are finally here, the entry level Koni performance damper for the S197 Mustang.

These are NOT performance equivilent to Koni Sports. They are non-adjustable, but valved to work with stock or mild lowering springs. They have a lifetime warranty from Koni, and are geared to address the need for a less costly damper in the Tokico/Pro-Action type range.

A full set of 4 is $415:

Fronts are $139 each:

Rears are $70 each:

I some in stock, ready to go.

Valving is similar to a Koni Sport @ full soft. These are great answer to those of you with lowering springs who are just looking to better control them and help the ride quality vs. stock dampers, or for those with stock springs looking to tighten up the damping a bit.
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