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Old Kenne Bell 1.7 on a 1999 Mustang 2v. I removed the intake and blower to clean up and replace gaskets. Looking at the old intake gaskets I noticed this leak (see pic) at rear of passenger side head. Didn't think much of it until I was reinstalling everything. I also have an '03 GT with a Procharger so I looked at the factory appears this port (blue circle poking out) is not used. There is no bolt in that very dirty bolt circle on the stock intake either, but the blue part of the gasket can't be seen naturally. I'm assuming this KB was a very early install in this car's life & I guess my questions are..was this an early production KB known issue? Was it a KB recall? are they all like this? The bolts are started in the holes, and this is the final resting place for the KB intake (see pic). What is the solution for this? I didn't look down into that port beforehand..hopefully its a blank... unused for the Mustang....I tried calling them and no answer. Thanks in advance!


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