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i desperately need a new larger filter assy so either i'm looking
at a k&n 1.25" drop base with a 14x4 filter which is about 80+
shipping. or for 140 they have the flow controls which are
plastic and contoured to direct airflow into/down the throttle
bores instead of just smacking into the sides of the choke horn.
i guess it's kind of like having a velocity stack.

that's the flow control

it's kind of like getting a normal setup and then adding one of
these stubstacks...

i've gotta get a new assy anyway, and quick, so i'm just
exploring my options. opinions welcome.

almost forgot... i'm not sure if the flow control one drops the
filter enough like the 1.25" drop base does. a 14x4 with a
1.25" drop fits just perfectly under my scoop.

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