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They look about on par, actually. Maybe a bit low on the torque. But, some of the #'s you see posted here sometimes aren't SAE corrected #'s, but rather actual #'s as measured that day by the dyno. My #'s were lower than I had expected, but they really aren't that bad.

My #'s tell me that I've bolted on ~40-45 horsepower at the flywheel and ~40-45 foot pounds of torque at flywheel as well. So, you're right in the ballpark. I'm sure that you are still probably running rich at WOT, so there's more horse to be had with a tune. My JMS chip did a pretty good job on that, although there's still a little room for improvement, as there will be more room after the intake and cams go in. Regardless, don't get down on yourself if you think your #'s are low. I know that I did, and trust me, it doesn't help any.
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