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Ok guys, since nobody was helping, i just decided to make up my own time and place.

June 8th (yes, day BEFORE the Mustangs Unlimted show)

Time : 11AM

Place: Sandy beach on the Mystic Valley Parkway in Medford MA.

Ok, might need some help from Ruzman on this one.

Some of you guys might want to mapquest this one.

This is the way off I-93. The last meet involved meeting up in the SPuds parking lot, so these directions kinda make you loop in and out of the lot. Just go with them

Take a right out of the Spuds parking lot.
Stay to the left and take a left-turn at the first set of lights (you will see a Friendlies on the corner).

Set your trip odometer to zero at this intersection.
The total distance from this point to Sandy Beach is 3.1 miles.

After 0.9 miles you will come to a set of lights with a "Ginger Bread Construction Company" on the corner. Drive straight through this intersection.

At 1.5 miles you will come to another set of lights that you will want to drive straight through.

At 1.9 miles a major intersection in downtown Winchester will come up. You want to bear left at this intersection towards the library (there will be a sign for it).

At 2.0 miles you will turn right at the immediately following set of lights.

At 2.1 miles you will drive straight through another set of lights.

Follow the road you are on through a set of blinking yellow lights until you reach the end where you will see a stop sign and wish to bear right.

This will take you under a railroad overpass.

You will see some "DO NOT ENTER" signs on your left.

Immediately after these signs take a left onto "MYSTIC VALLEY PARKWAY"

Sandy Beach will be on your right after a few tenths of a mile (total trip: 3.1 miles).


Ok, Ruzman, oif you can kinda give any better directions, could you please?

I kinda made it the day before the MU show so us Boston area locals could get a chance to finalize plans for the MU cruise. Sure we are gonna meet up on Sunday also, but we won't exactly have a chance to stop and meet other people and check out there cars while we are driving down the highway. Once at the show, you just get lost in a sea of 5.0s. At lease meeting up the day before can give us some time to hang out together.

Anyway, i will be there with a group of friends and their stangs....I would love for about 20 stangs to show.

And if this meet doesn't work out....there will be more!
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