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There is a track rental at LVD Friday 6/17 and there are some 20+, out of 70 slots still open. I got rained out after one run Weds, so I was thinking about getting some runs in before Ford day Saturday. It could get rained out, the forecast is "scattered showers" but 40 or 50 cars means unlimited runs, so tomorrow I am going to decide at daybreak work-or-race.

There is someone at the office you should give your name to if you are considering it, but no money is required until you show up at the track. Like most track rentals, $70 gets a racer AND crew in (regular is $40, 30+10 for @ crew member) and they start letting people in around 8-8:30.

LVD website

and the phone number at the office is (518) 794-7130

- 04_snake
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