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Well, I finally got done rebuilding my friends 95 GT. After 2 1/2 weeks and some headaches we got done.

We did a 306
Forged pistons
TFS TW heads (box stock)
TFS Street upper and lower intake (unported)
TFS Stage 1 cam
6.800" TFS pushrods
30# injectors
FMS 1.6 Roller Rockers
Pro-M Bullit 75mm
MSD Billet Distributor
MSD wires
Phenolic Spacer
Kirban Billet Fuel Pressure Regulator
Energy supension Motor Mounts
FMS lifters
Edelbrock Timing Chain
ARP Head Bolts
Stage 8 Locking Header Bolts
1990's Valve Covers

He already has
MAC Shorty Headers
Bassani Off-road X-pipe
2 1/2 Flowmasters cat-back
65mm TB
in-tank 155 lph
Fluidyne Radiator

With 145,000 and just those few bolt-on's, he dynoed 195 RWHP and 250 RWTQ. After we get about 1,000 miles on this engine, we will go dyno it again.

Any guess what his HP and TQ will be??

Also, anyone have problems with this cam?? I don't think his computer really likes it. I had to bump his idle up to 900 rpms, and I might have to go up to 1,000 rpms.

Any ideas what his fuel pressure should be?? I set it to 38psi since he is running rich.

I have to go out of town, so I will check the board when I get back and post the new numbers.

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Nice! I'd say in the neighborhood of 300rwhp.
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