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Well almost everything went smoothly. We got the new motor in there Saturday and it fired right up on the first try. What a relief:(

It did develope a little leak from the rear main so it looks like the tranny is gonna have to come out this weekend and the idler pulley only lasted a few hours. I pulled the blower off and I'll probrably leave it off for a few weeks. It actually seems to run pretty good n\a for a low compression motor with 42s and a blower tune.

Can't wait to get the blower on and try to tune it with a 3.1" pulley.

Any speculation as to what it's gonna make with the smaller pulley and a good tune? It's got about 8.7:1 compression with ported '99 heads and Modmax valves. Stock cams. S-trim and I plan on trying a 3.1" pulley. No intercooler.

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