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I've got a 98 GT with ~150k miles that has a stock automatic 4R70W. Curious if there's anyone out there that would rather have an auto instead of their T-45?

I understand that it's high-ish miles and stock, I wouldn't be asking for a T-45 out of a mint 20k mile car. I would love to go manual and it would be awesome if someone wanted to do basically a straight swap.

***Before anyone says, "Sell it and just buy a manual, it's much cheaper and easier." I've heard it 100 times, selling this car isn't an option for me. I would much rather convert this car than selling it and starting over with a different one.

The auto trans is still in the car and won't be coming out unless something actually happens with this so I can't provide any pictures of it sitting, just curious if anyone would even be interested.

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