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intake gasket problem. need advise!!

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Doing a hci swap on my 89 gt. Trick flow 170s, stage 1 came, trick flow valve train, performer 5.0 intake. My problem is the intake gaskets wernt matching with the intake ports the way i would like them to. (Fel-1250) im real particular and its not off by much, but if it has any problems in the future ill revert back to not fixing this hahah. Can i trim these? And what is the easiest way to do that? Thanks in advancw for the help.
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1250 is Gasket for the 170 Heads.

Try triming the area on the lower ends of the intake gaskets. The section of the Intake gaskets that match up and fit sinto the lip of the exposed headgaskets until they line up.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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